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As I put the finishing touch on this bio, the month of October is drawing to a close. That can only mean one thing: it is nearly Halloween, a time to look forward to a trick or treat, and to enjoy being surprised by the unexpected lurking in the dark corners. The unexpected can be fun when it comes to Halloween, but it’s not what you are looking for when it comes to the important things, like making a real estate transaction.

I have been working in real estate since 2001, and have worked for buyers, sellers, developers and investors as well as marketing and advertising companies. I have gained a unique prospective in what consumers really need to know and watch out for. My goal is to make the process of buying and selling a home a little less intimidating by giving you the ins and outs from all sides of the story.

In my years of practicing real estate, I have closed thousands of deals from people buying and selling both residential and commercial properties. Information about buying and selling a home is readily available for free. Anyone can search the internet and get information from real estate companies, home builders and banks on the real estate process. The problem is that each and every one of those parties has a vested interest in you choosing them and their products, so you may never know if you have received all the information available to make the most knowledgeable decision. That’s the nature of business. You just need to be aware of who is giving you the information and why.

I am not playing favorites. I am simply stating the truth. Remember – there are plenty of scary things in life, but real estate doesn't have to be one of them.

So I know you might not be ready to move yet, but if you have any home-related questions or concerns, or if you have family, friends and neighbors who do, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

您的專屬房產買賣投資師– 林嬌(Vivian)

自地產專業畢業後, Vivian 從2001年從事地產行業有十幾個年頭了。擁有與不同的買家,賣家,開發商,投資者合作及引領本地市場營銷和廣告公司的經驗, 她了解並洞悉市場不同層面消費者的需求。在數以千計的房產交易中, 客戶高度評價了她對市場和投資方面獨特的前瞻性,以及她專業真誠的客服和對客戶需求的盡心盡力。

隨著網絡的信息流通, 購買,銷售及投資房產變得越來越容易和便捷,很多信息甚至是免費的。問題是,每一個服務行業提供給您的信息是建立在是否您會選擇他們產品的既得利益之上。比如說,銀行房貸經理希望您選擇他們的房貸按揭服務;房屋建築商希望您購買他們開發的房產等等。所以您可能永遠不會知道,您蒐集到的所有關於房產的信息是否給您帶來最大的投資居住回報率,這是商業的本質,並沒有對錯之分。您在大量的信息中,只要正確判斷是誰提供給您的信息和原因,它是否符合您目前的投資和生活需求就是一個很好的開始。

Vivian這次選擇加拿大蘇富比國際地產公司她就是希望在地產領域裡,提供給客戶更多更及時的國際資訊, 和系統化的高端服務。 Vivian也衷心希望她的語言優勢可以真正幫到那些有真需要和有共識的朋友,希望中國人對家的感受可以從她的服務中感受的淋漓盡致。



Languages: English and Chinese


  • "Vivian is a consummate professional! I trust her as a mentor and a friend. She cares and understands the needs of her customers. She goes the extra miles and maintain the highest quality and standards of her services. She is [...]

    - G. Yuan

  • "Thanks for everything you have done for me, and you’ve certainly done a good job. You have made the sale of my home such an easy and pleasant experience. I do not hesitate to refer my family and friends to [...]

    - C. Warren

  • "I am very pleased with your service and help while my home is listed. Especially, your support for the market survey and pricing was fantastic and extraordinary. Therefore, I could endeavor the listing and successfully finish the contract. Your guide [...]

    - K.H. Han

  • "Vivian was truly representative of being kind and open while getting the job done. Her energy was unmatched and her ability to assess the situation and read people was evident. She was great to work with because she encouraged and [...]

    - S. Baar

  • "She is trustworthy and she genuinely cares for my best interests. I am very happy with the result she brought to me! I have no doubt to buy and sell through her. Her honesty and knowledge have impressed me a [...]

    - M. Knezevic

  • "Shirley and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent manner in which you handled the sale of our home. We appreciated the way you kept us informed of the results of your advertising plans [...]

    - A. and S. Collerman

  • "Working with Vivian has been a pleasure. She is extremely patient and flexible, allowing me to take the time I need to make a solid investment decision. I strongly recommend Vivian to any home buyer or investor who requires professional [...]

    - A. Yau

  • "We listed our property exclusively (not on MLS) with Vivian and a week later we had an offer at the price we wanted! Since she didn't have to do an open house. It saved us a lot of time and [...]

    - K. Lee and J. Song

  • "Vivian is a very smart and hard working person. She knows how to get things done and she gets things done very efficiently. I would recommend her services to anyone." - M. Kuramoto (Business Associate) Vivian 是一位非常聰明和勤奮房地產經紀人。她知道如何能在最短的時間內有效率地完成事情。我會向每個人推薦Vivian! [...]

    - M. Kuramoto

  • It was a pleasure to work with Vivian. She is very hard working and detail oriented. She is also very reliable and good at problem solving. Although she is a very strong and capable business woman, she is also very [...]

    - S. Yang

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